Mac os equivalent of control alt delete

You need to try to put yourself in 'our shoes' when putting a Q and try to anticpate the things we need to help you. For example in this case, "comes up with an error" just isn't enough to go on. What is your host? VB version? What exactly is error.

How to force an app to quit on mac os

I suspect I know what it might be, but without this sort of detail it's just a shot in the dark. Aug , Sorry about that.

I had help installing Windows on my computer with VirtualBox. What happened was I was installing Matlab on my computer and I left it and ran to class. My computer the mac went on standby. When I opened it up again, VirtualBox froze so I force quitted it.

What’s the Equivalent of Ctrl+Alt+Delete on a Mac?

I opened it up again and Powered on Windows XP and the screen that comes up is black. I've tried to click ACPO shut down from the menu and that doesn't work. It doesn't do anything. I don't need Matlab on there because I put it on the Mac. I just need it for my voice recorder. I don't have the windows cd and my dad cannot find it at home otherwise I would reinstall it. Hopefully this is what you need.

If not, I apologize. Thank you! I also think that its incidental.

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The mistake is that this option should be greyed out if you do this. What I don't know is whether the file system is totally trashed or that this is some small error that can be fixed for reinstalling the bootstrap. But repairing this one is one more of disk corruption.

The fact that it is a virtual disk on a virtual machine is incidental and this sort of fix requires the expertise of however installed Windows for you in the first place. Do you have any snapshots in place? If so then when was the last one taken?

Close Apps Using the Force Quit Applications Manager

If you have and you are willing to lose the work since the snapshot, then the easiest thing is to go into the VB GUI and discard the the current. This will take you back to the point where you made the snapshot. Sending the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keystroke combination to a virtual machine. This will bring up the Force Quit window showing a list of your open applications. Choose one and press the Force Quit button to immediately end that application.

Screenshot of the Force Quit window. What about rebooting? Macs have a separate key combination to force a reboot: Command-Option-Power.


Hold down the Command and Option keys then press the power button to restart the computer. To force the computer to shut down, hold down the power button for between 5 and 10 seconds. Forcing a reboot or a shutdown is not advised unless there is no other option.

Performing these actions can result in data loss, especially if there are applications running or external storage devices connected. Bootcamp, however, lacks the translation controls of that software and simply boots you up into Windows Server.