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Of course, it would be nice to find a publisher, but the reality remains that it is not likely to occur. At least it will be easily available! Instead, I am hoping that the wise use of terrain in conjunction with an Action Point system will create more satisfying strategic gameplay. I wish you the best of luck with the game devellopment The pirate theme sounds amazing and I hope for more news as soon as you can!

I wonder where i can POD your fan extentions. Is there a site or can i just use any professional printer? In the second case do you have the reference of the paper used by DVgames for the cards? I can't wait to test your orange mod live with some friends. Jean, French Fan. Hopefully very soon all of that info will be here. I am sort of waiting till i can order multiple PoD decks at once. I will also join the Que for your awesome sounding fun pirate game, if your putting half as much effort in to it as you did DM and RR I know its gonna be good.

Just thought i would pop in here and say thanks for all the hard work you put in on Bang! Zaxxon Valdez. Hi, I know that this is not the best place to put this comment, but I tried to print the new Robbers' Roost guide and it went all wrong. Can you make the new guide with one page per sheet, as the old one was? Thank you. Really love the Philosophy deck.

Sad not to see Heraclitus in the mix though. He's my favorite ancient and possibly my favorite philosopher. Martin, if the offer still stands I would be honored to be the co-author of this BANG! I'm not technologically savvy, but I have a strong interest in bringing more interaction within this site. Tom, I'll definitely take you up on the offer. What ideas did you have for more interaction?

Martin, do you have any idea when we will finally be able to purchase RR? Martin, I'm also looking to get Robber's Roost How about pre-orders? I too would love any kind of update on the availability, ordering, pre ordering, anything really. Enhances my knowledge a lot but the way you describe it inspires me a lot Is it "Robbers' Roosts" multiple robbers each with their own roost or "Robber's Roost" single robber with a single roost? I just tried to download a set and i get the following error: Please try again later". I have tried again and again, but no luck.

Is there any alternative download site for the cards? Been waiting for a while. Bridge is easy to explain and play. It may seem confusing with all the cards you hold and listening to the bidding going on but once someone plays, they learn quickly. Submit your URLs for free at http: So I was wondering If these expansions are good to print and play? I just discovered this site. Sadly it looks like I'm a year to late to catch it as an active one. Yea Nelson, I used to go on this site several times a week.

It died out maybe summer last year? I guess the blogger Mr. Martin decided to do other things. Pity really. To become a master you need to understand not just probabilities but also the underlying strategy. Beyond this, you need to understand the psychology of your opponents and know exactly how you can exploit their tendencies.

He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read.

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Thanks for sharing! Really great. You are absolutely welcome. And thank you for coming by! I really appreciate it. Did you ever this this printed and delivered? I emailed them too but haven't heard back. Which address did you use? Hope you are doing okay, Martin - I just found your blog after buying Bang! Between the new family and "Jolly Pirates" and the rest of life, Bang! The information in this blog is extremely useful for the people.

I've prepped the cards to print off at another POD, and made some minor cosmetic changes like wording. But I really do not prefer Death Mesa's "Unfinished Business" card's mechanic where you can pick a player whom you must kill proved through deduction. It can often be difficult to identify the roles. You might be so sure of yourself but be surprised in the end.

And some players just like to play illogical moves for kicks which I think can be fun. I don't think a player should have to "prove themselves" when they play a card. Any thoughts on this? The simplest thing is to just pick any live player, but that is too strong and you are now hoping your last attacked is dead so you could get that choice. I know this post is about RR, but it's the latest one. Hello Arkemist, looks like this forum is dead. Any instructions on how you did it would be fantastic!

PrinterStudio needs images of individual cards. Two issues upon printing: Colour is not a huge deal for character cards and no problem with Death Mesa, but not good for Robber's Roost. Colour issues were mentioned by Martin in various posts. I should have done a test run or just printed 54 cards, not both decks at once It's going to need a throwaway print run at least. I wanted to warn those of you looking to create custom components for your games considering using Superior Pod.

My experience was initially fantastic. The personalized customer service was absolutely phenomenal. It's been over two months. A series of polite emails inquiring on the status of my order went unanswered. Phone calls to the company as well as visits to their online chat room go unanswered.

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An inquiry through the Better Business Bureau? You guessed it, unanswered. Jeff Valent, the president of Superior POD, oh so helpful at first, has essentially stolen my money and my time. If anyone has any honest businesses for custom game components I'd be very interested in hearing from you. Belgium offers traditionally recently been an easily affordable vacation location that is certainly inundated having a variety of intriguing attractions. Known specifically the picturesque splendor, Germany gives holiday makers the opportunity to investigate the particular enchanting landscapes since they journey derived from one of metropolis to a new.

Wonderful tradition along with a vibrant historical past are also lures in associated with Indonesia in which beguiles visitors from different elements of the globe to lease low cost plane tickets for the destination. Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Buy fifa 14 coins. I would pop in here and say thanks for all the hard work you put in on Bang!

Hi Martin, Very cool site and very awesome expansions. First question: Is this MOD still happening? I'm very interested in printing my own copy. I have been flirting for a few months, with this idea of making my own expansions and combining it with High Noon plus yours to make one mega Bang! However, amongst my player friends, the issue has been raised that with the expansions with the exception being your Robbers Roost deck do not add up to a full spread in terms of suits.

Does this matter, in your opinion? Here's the math I came up with. There is only ONE of the following cards in all suits: And in Robber's Roost, there seems to be no pattern which is cool, or I'm just too dense to see one — was this intentional? There are 73 Robber's Roost cards and there is a "deck" of missing Jacks, a "deck" of random cards "missing" and two extra cards: Was this intentional?

Sorry if this is too much nerd for one day. Thanks For sharing this Article.

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If you have any other ideas comment!

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