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Talking to them, joking with them, petting them, etc. Not every fight needs to end in violence. Undertale keeps track of everything you do, and it lets you know in some unexpected ways. A wonderfully simple and wonderfully charming game about a man and his dog making a delivery. That how it starts, at least, but it quickly diverts into a magical and bizarre journey.

It may not be quite as iconic or impactful as its predecessor, but Portal 2 is arguably a better game. Expanded mechanics, a more fleshed-out story, a hilariously charming companion voiced by comedian Stephen Merchant , and a great co-op campaign make Portal 2 an excellent and deeply-rewarding puzzle game. Portal may be the game that everyone should play, but so is its sequel.

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Another excellent and very well-made single-player experience that makes you wish Valve put out more single-player games and less service-oriented games. It expands the foundation that the previous game laid, making it deeper, richer, and more accessible. XCOM 2 is an excellent game, and you can now enjoy it on Mac.

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A game that requires a keen tactical mind, extensive mechanical knowledge, sharp skills, and very good multi-tasking skills. Its a game of routine and planning, as well as socializing and making friends. Its an irresistibly charming and warm-hearted game that is bound to relax even the most tightly-wound person. Fast-paced, tense, and endlessly fun. Also, the game has recently removed the subscription model, so you can now just buy the game and own it, leaving only the expansions left to buy if you choose.

A variety of playable classes, a huge amount of different cards, stages, and ways to play. The early PlayStation Tomb Raider games are beloved by millions and, although they may not hold up so great in , they have an important legacy in gaming history. The reboot was tremendously successful, selling well and receiving positive acclaim from reviewers. A weird game that may enrage die-hard Tolkien fans. A fast, fluid, and very satisfying combat system, a large open-world to explore with plenty to do, engaging progression systems, and a brilliant and highly unique concept that the game centres around, the Nemesis system, make it a well-made and well-rounded game with a ton to enjoy.

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The Nemesis system is an intricate and deeply-layered system that gives your enemies weight and menace, as well as plenty of personality. The only question is: who will you be? So will you be a trader and help bring much-needed items to others? Or will you rise through the ranks of a corrupt corporation and engage in tactical sabotage against your enemies?

These are just two of the countless thousands of paths that are available to you in this incredible, unrivaled MMO. It may get a lot of stick for looking like Overwatch, but Paladins has got its own take on the hero shooter formula. Paladins Champions level up throughout a match, with each new level upgrading their skills by drawing new buff cards.

It is easy to think that every MOBA is a Dota clone, in the same way we all thought every shooter was a Doom copy in the 90s. But that is not true; the MOBA genre is expanding and offering new experiences. Take Fractured Space, for instance. It is a 5v5 game where players travel down lanes and destroy the enemy base. But forget anime-styled heroes and jungles; Fractured Space is a sci-fi epic.

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Kilometer-long frigates warp into battle, pounding the enemy with missiles and lasers, and explosions tear apart zero-g installations. There are hotkey abilities, but you will be activating anti-ballistic lasers rather than a flashy skillshot.

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It retains all the tactical finesse of a MOBA, but never feels like one. It is the first true progression for the genre, and you can captain one of its incredibly detailed ships for free on Steam. If the one thing you feel like your life is missing is a golf MMO, then Winning Putt is here to make sure your dreams are fulfilled. A multiplayer stick and ball sim built on the CryEngine, it allows you to create a character and train them up to become a worldwide leader in the art of hole-in-one.

This is a golf game where you can play a round on the alien planet of Starglen, after all. Considerably more grim and gothic than other action games out there, Path of Exile is also blessed with one of the most compelling levelling systems seen in an RPG. An impossibly large and liberating grid of abilities and improvements awaits, ready to allow you to enhance your character in any which way you see fit. On top of all that it also gets a massive expansion and new competitive league every few months like the recent Path of Exile: Betrayal update.

It has many hats. It is also extremely refined, always full of players despite launching in , and gets frequent updates to fatten the game up with even more hats, modes, and maps.

But despite how much the game has grown in the nine years since it launched, it remains easy to pick up, especially if you have some chums to play with. The package itself now feels infinitely huge, with a great variety of game types, from the classic capture point Red vs. Blu games, to co-op Mann vs. Machine, where players band together to keep waves of murderous robots at bay. Millions of people seemingly play it constantly, always coming back to check out new characters and patches.

As a MOBA with roots in the origin of the genre you know exactly what to expect: an eclectic roster of Dota 2 heroes , a huge list of powerful items, ten players, three lanes, and a massive emphasis on skill. You could spend days and days just thinking about the metagame, not to mention honing your talents by spectating the biggest matches come tournament season. Budding players need to get started somewhere with this free Steam game, so check out our guide to the best Dota 2 heroes.

Card games have become big business on PC, and it is all too easy for them to feel quite similar. Duelyst is unlike any card game out there, though. It combines the RNG and card drawing systems of games like Hearthstone with turn-based tactics mechanics. Each card you play summons a character onto a chess-like board, and you can move them around in order to flank enemies or escape them.

This added layer brings a new level of thought and tension to a set of familiar rules. Combined with colourful, retro-cool art, Duelyst is one of the most original and captivating free Steam games. Whole continents are locked in constant conflict, with armies clashing over bases, vehicles speeding across the ground, aircraft lighting up the sky — it is glorious… until you die thanks to a sniper sitting a mile away.

You will want to play with friends for this one, or at least be equipped with a microphone, as the chaos of battle only starts to make sense when you are in a squad that communicates. Absolute FPS bliss. Co-op allows up to three additional players to join you as farmhands to help operate your farm. They can also play through the story and get married in your game.

Stardew Valley is more than just a farming simulator. What begins as a simple power fantasy evolves into a challenging and cerebral game bordering on a puzzler, testing your problem-solving skills as much as your reflexes. In the game, you are able to take control of three separate factions: Terran, Zerg, and Protoss.

If you just blink at the wrong time, thousands of Zerglings will bring your budding home base crashing to the ground. You play as protagonist Chell as she attempts to break out of the giant Aperture research facility and claim her freedom. Actors Stephen Merchant and J. Simmons voice recurring characters and their work in the game is spot-on.

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Though the plot deals with a serious conflict the game is rife with well-timed comedy at every turn. Portal 2 is one of the most unique experiences in gaming and also one of the most comedic. Read our full Portal 2 review. Since launch, Civilization VI has received a substantial amount of civilizations to control, including the Aztecs, Persians, Nubians, and Australians. Read our full Civilization VI review. With simple, easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics and a fast playtime, you can easily get through several battles in one sitting. Why develop a roguelike game or a deck-building strategy game when you could mash them both together to create something even better?

Slay the Spire tasks you with climbing the titular Spire, which changes in classic roguelike fashion with each run you take, and the cards you collect as you try and fail to complete it will lead to better decks and a better chance of total victory.

Top Free Mac Downloads

Right now, the game comes with more than cards and items, as well as a custom mode option and special relics to further enhance your deck. Despite such a novel concept, it feels familiar in all the right ways.

Gone Home is one of those rare games that thrusts the player into an environment and just lets them explore. It begs players to explore and reveal the mysteries of a big empty home with a dark and sad story to tell. Read our full Gone Home review. Watch your back because several enemies such as zombies or creepers are out to wreak havoc on your character and will even blow up your landscapes. Its pixelated, 8-bit graphics may turn some people away, though the gameplay is enough to please any and all gamers.

Kerbal Space Program presents an odd combination of elements.