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Every day tasks like inserting headers and footers, text boxes or adding page numbers are all simple. The image galleries make adding and adjusting images and pictures quick and easy. This is one area where Pages really shines. There is so much more control over images compared to Word.

Equally as easy, you can add an existing image from your hard drive. For authors working with paperback covers, it is very easy to drop in a high-resolution cover image, make your adjustments, and then export directly to pdf. One minor image feature that is missing in Pages compared to Word is adding a hyperlink to an image.

You would probably rarely need to do this. But if you do, there is this workaround on Apple Discussions. It works by simply overlaying a text box and then making it invisible. One other big plus for Pages for authors is that you can export directly to epub without the hassle of converting your file in another program. There are not a lot of options compared to what you get with Calibre.

Best Microsoft Office alternatives for Mac

But it is more than enough to export a perfectly acceptable epub file directly from Pages ready for publishing with Amazon KDP, Smashwords or Draft2Digital. There is no doubt that you will have times when you need to collaborate on documents and work with Word users.

But it is quick and easy to convert Pages to Word, or Word to Pages. Generally, the real need is to open Word documents or to send Pages documents in doc or docx file format. To open a Word file, simply open it with a double click or right-click open file as you usually would do.

Downloadable Microsoft Word Alternatives

If you do not have Word installed on your computer, it will open automatically in Pages. You can choose either. If you want to move away from the expense of Microsoft Word for Mac, you have two logical choices. You could opt for Google Docs, which is also free. However, it requires an Internet connection and only works in a web browser. But there is a way to access and edit files offline with a Chrome extension. Pages is a much a better option for Mac users because it autosaves directly to your computer hard drive, or more likely to you iCloud drive when you are online.

On top of that, you can get the full suite of tools for free. So you get Pages along with the other iWork apps, Numbers and Keynote as a bonus.

2. Apache OpenOffice Writer

If you are creating documents and want to work on the move with an iOS device, you can use Pages on your iPhone or iPad. It can also use Apple Pencil, which is a cool tool for adding notations. There is no version for Apple watch. But when it comes time to spend a lot of money to upgrade to the Microsoft Office version, it might be time to consider using Apple Pages only and forgetting all about the expense of Microsoft Word for Macbook laptops. If you are a Grammarly user , there is no support for Word for Mac anyway.

But it is super easy to use the Grammarly editor. You just need to export to docx from Pages before you open your document in Grammarly. The same goes for using ProWritingAid as it too only accepts docx files.

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You might want to exchange document versions with a proofreader or editor. If they are using Word, you will need to export and import. If you can live with these few and very minor inconveniences, then yes. You can certainly write and survive quite happily with only Pages as your main word processor. For instance, my resume had a header.

Known as G Suite for business users and available for free to consumers, the combination of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms come together around online storage solution Google Drive as a top-notch productivity offering. These free apps integrate with a free Google Drive account, which also integrates with a free Gmail account.

You won't even miss having the real thing

It works great on Windows, Mac, Linux, and any other computer with a modern web browser. You can easily collaborate and share without downloading anything, add missing features with plugin integrations, and work with files from a variety of formats including Microsoft Office files. The biggest downside is offline use. While Google offers offline versions through plugins with the Chrome browser, they are not always consistent or reliable. For non-business users, you can do everything with a free Google account.

If you own a Mac, you get an office suite included with your purchase. Apple also offers a web-based version compatible with the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer that integrates fully with iCloud.

Like others on this list, it works with its own file formats and easily imports and exports files in the popular Microsoft Office formats like. The only really big downside is that it is not widely used, so support and online tutorials are far fewer. If your primary complaint about Office is the cost, you should consider Open Office. This office suite is free but advertising supported. This suite comes from Kingsoft, a China-based developer. WPS Office is generally well reviewed. It has customizable interfaces so you can decide on the menu style you like most. It also supports tabbed document editing, just like you get with a web browser.

It also has an integrated cloud with 1 GB of storage included. It is a lightweight and fast app to use.

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Dropbox Paper is tightly integrated into Dropbox, which makes file sharing a piece of cake. Dropbox Paper allows multiple simultaneous collaborators, allows you to export files in the popular. Adding a file is as simple as dragging it into your Dropbox folder or dropping it into an active Dropbox Paper window. Dropbox Paper gives you a simple user interface that is easy-to-use, but not familiar to Word veterans.