Rage of bahamut for mac computer

I used to absolutely love this game and after a long time out of it, decided to come back, but so dissapointed. No events and just seems like the developers are desperate to gather as much cash as possible.

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Used to be a really fun game, but will have to look eleswhere now. Warning DO NOT LISTEN to other reviews will need to spend money on coins to buy packs as u will run out of hp and to get good cards in holy wars or events u will need a lot of hp also without events there is nothing to do.. Now the game won't be free for players like me. I'd have to spend money to be able to get holy powders and other things to get decent cards, and if there's only gonna be one event, the game is just going to become boring.

Rage of Bahamut for PC and MAC

Took away events now it's worthless Was a good game once when they took all events away and left onslaught just proved all they care about is getting your money before they shut it down don't even download and if you have downloaded it Uninstall it and find something else.

Wow When are you guys going to release any news on your huge F up for the US group? OS after OS for the community with no knowledge of when it is going to end, at least some Intel would help keep a fan base alive. What a shame I've been playing this game since the beginning and have seen it go through many changes. The latest is the most ridiculous of them all. They've taken away events. I don't know how they expect us to make the needed hp if there are no events to earn it. Until events are restored, this games not worth playing. Overall the games art work , vass customizations, plethora of cards to choose from , envolve, trade , ally , and dominate weekly events keep the game fresh.

I look forward to see what new twist the developers can think of? DeNA Phuqd up Unless you are new to the game, there is nothing to do.. No new quest, they took away the events, and they left us with the worst thing ever It sucks, seems like I spent the last 2 years building decks and trading cards only to have the fun and excitement sucked out of the game..

I went from logging in everyday to maybe once a week if that. Need serious explanation! Why did you leave us with just one event- Onslaught? Is it permanent or maybe you want to make another interesting upcoming to suprise the players? I've been wondering, you still have not finished the dragon arena n its almost like a year since it been released but still not open it.

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No point in installing game I was playing rage and wondering what happened to the events, until I randomly looked at the comments on this page. I love rpg and this was the best one for me that was free.

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Unless the events come back, I'm not going to play rage anymore. Sorry developers, but I'm with everyone else. This game sucks now. It's really unfortunate, this game had a solid fan base no matter what idiot decisions mobage made, and trust me there were many and they ruined it. They have taken this game from fun and awesome to boring and literally pointless.

Download something else. Anything else. No events No events is a stupid idea, even though I could tell the stories for them were declining you should just get a few new writers it's as if you have given up with the game and all the loyal player feel like the money they have spent was now for nothing. What's the point No events..

Took away Holy Wars and turned it to a watered down version Onslaught. Years playing. I took 4 stars back Mobage. Everything now sucks. Used to be a great game. Played since holy war 5, now there's very limited trading, no events. The game is a total dud. Dead game playing here! This game was fun for the over 3 years I played with the variety of events.

First, they stopped sending loyalty rewards.

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Then they stopped the CC, quest, and raid events. Now they just have Onslaught event week after week. Unless there is a miracle, this game is in its death throes.

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Don't download. Mobage is shutting it down, apparently. If Mobage proves me wrong, then I'll change these comments. Sign in. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Your Store. Store Home. Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. Originally available on mobile and via the web, The Gate was brought to Steam with the help of Steam users via Project Greenlight. Now heading into its 2nd year online, The Gate features PvP tournaments, where you can put your Card Collection into battle against other All Reviews:.

Spicy Horse Games. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes 54 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Spicy Horse Games. Eternal is effectively a hybrid of Hearthstone's polished presentation with Magic's fundamentals, from a design team full of pro Magic players including beloved Hearthstone caster Brian Kibler.

As in Magic, the mana you use to cast spells comes in different colors and takes up space in your deck called Sigils here instead of Lands. Eternal's in-game aesthetics are similar to Hearthstone, with card art featuring crisp, colorful portraits inhabiting a detailed game board. But there's no limit to how many combatants you can summon on your side, so you can go wild with a Magic-esque army of tokens if you so choose. Eternal also borrows a brilliant page from the Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers playbook by including clever puzzle scenarios, which help you master basic mechanics and train you to look for the kind of tricky card combinations that win matches.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is the perfect card game for anyone who's spent hundreds of hours roaming the worlds of Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind. Its defining feature is the way it divides the board into two separate lanes, so the way you place your forces is crucial. Do you go all-in on one side and hope the enemy can't establish proper defenses in time, or do you play the odds and fortify both sides of the battlefield?

Rage of bahamut for mac computer

There's also the unique mechanic of runes: automatic card draws that trigger when you're reduced to certain life totals, which can potentially result in free casting costs should you pick up a card with the Prophecy keyword. If you're partial to the thrills and upsets inherent to that kind of RNG, Elder Scrolls: Legends offers a lot of interesting card synergies to build around and a solid single-player story.

When it's time to d-d-d-d-dddduel, Konami's perpetually popular card game is there for you, and Duel Links is a pleasantly contemporary take that's built to foster a free-to-play community. Yu-Gi-Oh has always been a game of incredibly swingy plays and fast matches, with the 'Gotcha!

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You just might bear witness to the five-card summoning of the almighty Exodia an iconic win condition which gave Hearthstone's Exodia Mage deck its name. If you love the Japanese high fantasy stylings of popular mobile games like Rage of Bahamut and Mabinogi Duel, you should definitely check out Shadowverse. With monsters and waifus as far as the eye can see, this is essentially an anime spin on Hearthstone.

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Shadowverse's defining twist is the ability to evolve your minions called Followers here as you enter the later stages of a match, buffing them up with increased stats or powerful new effects. Like Yu-Gi-Oh, Shadowverse has some shockingly powerful card combos, so expect quicker matches than you might otherwise be used to. As with Artifact and The Elder Scrolls: Legends, positioning is important in Faeria as your cards turn into units on a map - but there's even more complexity to consider here.

Before you can summon your creatures onto the hexagonal tiles of the game board, you need to build out the actual terrain that'll bridge the rift between you and your opponent.