Mac os x entitlements file

As a prerequisite, you need to install the Qt source code, this can be done from the MainenanceTool application in your Qt directory. You need an entitlements file with the following content in addition of the one of the main application for signing the QtWebEngineProcess application:.

QtWebEngine communicate with the underlying Chromium process using mach port.

Mac Sandboxing: Privileged File Operations

Sandbox allow using mach ports only if an applications group is declared on the entitlements file the one of the main application and the name of this applications group must begin with your Apple TeamID followed by one period. Turns out that there is some very specific steps and concepts that need to be considered when including a command line tool in a Mac app.

I compiled the command line tool avrdude and had Xcode copy to the resource folder of the application bundle.

This was all expected. I created an entitlement in Xcode, and signed the binary using that entitlement.

What's Your Sign?

Here is the contents of the entitlement file that later caused much heartburn. You have been warned.

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  5. About Entitlements.

It worked great! The command line tool was correctly signed and I could turn on sandboxing for the main macOS app, and it worked fine.

Inside Code Signing ยท

I tried to submit the app to the app store and that is where the wheels came off. Whenever I submitted the app to the Mac App store with Xcode, Xcode would fail complaining about the command line tool not having an Info.

An Info. From the error message, it looks like the app store needs to know the minimum OS version for the binary and needs that info inside the binary itself. I knew that you could add in an Info.


You do not need to list the main application folder, or the main executable. You should list any frameworks and plugins that are included in your app bundle.

Path to the codesign 1 command used to sign applications with an Apple cert. This variable can be used to override the automatically detected command or specify its location if the auto-detection fails to find it. This documents an old version of CMake. Click here to see the latest release.