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I'm not gon' be a little bitch. I'm out here. It appears Q is still mulling over when the time will be right to put the album out. I promise that. I'm just not ready to walk in the radio station and the first thing they ask me is 'So Mac Miller So right now I'm not ready to put nothing out right now.

I'm sorry. In August, Q announced his new album, the follow up to 's Blank Face , was almost complete. Now it looks like it might be next year before we get the project. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. I did like over 10 years of that shit. Aside from two years or so in Houston, those first 14 years and beyond were spent in South Central Los Angeles. Q grew up as Quincy Hanley at Hoover Street between 51st and 52nd streets.


I grew up in a suburbs of Boston, which I bring up, mentioning my first thoughts upon hearing the album: It has the feel of a short story collection, I tell Q. Like I love doing pop records. He gonna do pop shit. My homeys know me. Portishead and Purity Ring, shit like that. I like that type of shit.

To which, he laughed broadly. Then he came in, we just like talked it over, and got the beat right. Thundercat was there. It was almost like I was making a beat. That shit was crazy.

Has their bright spots there and there, but for the most part, all dark. Like I left my mom out damn near out this whole project. Like if you listened to it, you would think I was raised by my grandma… I was raised by my grandma, but my mom raised me more than my grandma.

Mac Miller Joins ScHoolboy Q for 'Yay Yay' in LA

Cause my grandma, she lived right across the street from us, literally. But my mama moved a few miles away, and then I stayed with my grandma for a little bit, then I moved with my mama. Then soon as I moved, my grandma died. Q was 15 when his grandmother, who lived with diabetes, died.

He tells me about the last time he saw her. He was watching TV. It was crazy, like she was sad, walking out. You know what I mean? I never seen my grandma walk out sad.

ScHoolboy Q Reveals Plans for 2017 Album Release

I asked her, where the lock at, to lock the door? And she walked out, I never seen her again. That was it. Cause these are my set of friends over here, so I would catch the bus, just to kick it with the homeys, like hour bus ride, kick it with the homeys.

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And it just, you just get more and more adapted to the situation. In , Q stepped away from that role to focus on his own music. It was a moment of self-examination, a checklist of vices. Nobody does that. What was the evolution? This came to my mind: And this is an oxymoron. I sold pills, but I was also addicted to them. I sold pills for a good cause and was addicted for the bad cause. I never took an oxycontin, none of that shit. But I got hooked on percocet, xanax, valium and shit like that and codeine, so I jumped over one pill and jumped right to four. So all this other shit is just like — to me it was just like sleeping pills.

It needed to be said. Like my daughter needed to be on that track. People needed to really see where I was coming from.

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This is art. My daughter loves it. She sounds good on it. It sounds real.

You know, she was my inspiration to keep going.